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06/01/2002 Chateau-Thierry One last hug and goodbye and we're off! We're out of Paris before we know it. 120 dayly pictures

06/02/2002 Epernay To make good wine you need sunshine and gentle slopes. Today we have both. 179 dayly pictures

06/03/2002 Mandres Aux Quatre Tours The Solexes are doing well, our backsides are getting used to the punishment, there is a good atmosphere... all in all an excellent day on the road to Bagdad! 348 la photo du jour

06/04/2002 Saverne "Eh lads, it's all very well goin' all that way, but watch out for Ben Laden and all. They're fond of Solexes, are the Talibans" 508 la photo du jour

06/05/2002 Betschdorf Our first puncture. Three youngsters come up and have a chat. 563 la photo du jour